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My previous host had some problems with her server, so this is another temporary address, but, please use the url instead.

From now on, all newest releases will be found in mIRC only. Even if you don't know how to leech on mirc, at least learn to join the channel, which is at, there might be a http link somewhere ...

Latest Updates

23.02.04 - MIRC-X is down for good. We have moved our channel to #hush is rather empty and quiet (like always) at the moment and we'll try to 'build' up the idlers slowly ^___^! everyone is welcome to chat or idle!

15.02.04 - A late Valentines release :S I meant to release it yesterday ... but I got busy ^____^! So they are:

Othello Ch 7 - http download available
Watashi no Megane-kun Ch 2 - smut alert! R-15 scenes! http download available.

Oh, and please help us with the purchase of a domain+hosting by donating. Thank you =)

Watashi no Megane-kun is missing page 30! So, click here to get it.

28.01.04 - Kare First Love Ch 18 starts the first chapter of volume 4. Akuma de Sourou continues with Ch 16. A tear-jerking chapter where we learn about Takeru's and Yuzuru's past. Both chapters are available to download on web.

And, yesterday signifies the 1 Year Anniversary of Hush! Yes, Hush is 1 year old ^__^! Happy Birthday Hush!

Another note, I'll be away on a roadtrip for 2 weeks. So no updates between now and Feb 8 ^^! However, we are looking for Japanese and Chinese translators. So apply, apply~

24.01.04 - Another double release~ Here is

Binetsu Shoujo Ch 11 - available for web download
Life Ch 1 Part C - available for web download

Previously, I made a mistake of naming Life Ch 1 Part A & B, Chapters 1 and 2 respectively. In fact, Chapter 1 ( the prologue) is about 90 pages long. So, and we split it up into 3 parts. Sorry for any confusion.

Meanwhile, I took down most of the web downloads. At the moment, I am moving hosts (again). Thanks to the people who donated $$$ and made this move possible.

At the moment, we are short on translators (Japanese and Chinese), so if you are interested in helping out, and don't mind translating any of our series, please contact us at We await your application ^^!

16.01.04 - Hi all~ I'm back from my trip, and here is a double release.

Kare First Love Ch 17 - available for web download
Akuma de Sourou Ch 15 - available for web download

And I upload the Kare FL Ch 15 & 16 for web download as well. Oh, and I'm also looking for Japanese translators for Life and Nervous Venus.

29.12.03 - Okay, so I lied about the 'no new releases' thing. But hey, why complain?

Today, it's my pleasure to introduce Hush's first smutty project: Watashi no Megane-kun (My Glasses-Wearing Lover). By the same author of the popular series, S+M (known for the twin bishies and steamy scenes), Watashi no Megane-kun is about selfish/obsessive/unhealthy love between two rather insecure teenagers. Not quite your typical cute shoujo series, but still a good read and lots of smut to come! Feedback is welcome! I'll like to know what you think of this new series!

Watashi no Megane-kun Ch 1 - available on HTTP

It upsets me to do this, but due to financial+hosting difficulties, I need your help again. So, if you are willing to part with a couple of dollars, click here for info on how to donate.

28.12.03 - There's really no new releases ... just a note that I am definitely going on a trip and wont return till Jan 8th, so there shouldn't be any releases till then... However...

I know I took down the http downloads for the Xmas releases and almost went over the bandwidth limit. So being really nice, I moved servers and paid lots of $$$ for a new host and now, those that missed out on the releases (and dont kno how to use irc) can go download most of the releases. Sadly Kare FL and ZigxZag is still only available in irc only (because of popularity).

25.12.03 - 11.00 pm NZ time - 1st Update

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!! =) Because it is Xmas, Hush decided to do a joint project with the rest of the SSFLC (Shoujo Sex Fiends Love Christmas) crew. So, I'm really happy to annouce the release of Zig X Zag, one of the wackiest/funnest shoujo ever! All 8 Chapters are done!! Have fun downloading Game 5 from our downloads page! That's right! HTTP downloads!! WoooOOOooOOOooTT!!

Learn where you can find the rest of the chapters here!

And ... there will be one or two new random release every hour for 3 hours starting now ;) so keep checking back. All updates in either RED or GREEN will be Xmas Updates!! So please take note!

26.12.03 - 12.45 am NZ time - 2nd Update

2 more releases!! Yay~~! Isn't this a wonderful Christmas Day?! Haha!

Akuma de Sourou Ch 14 and
Count Down Ch 6 is available to download via HTTP! Go!

26.12.03 - 01.50 pm NZ time - 3rd Update

Another 2 more releases!! You know what to do ;) Send me prezzies!

Life Ch 2 - rated R-15+ for ugly scenes
Kare First Love Ch 16 - download them at you_know_where

1 release left to go.

26.12.03 - 3.10 am NZ time - 4th Update

I know some people thinks I've dropped this project, but I assure you, unless I announce it on this site, make it public (whatever...), I shall carry on scanlating all our series. Long periods between releases usually means one thing, missing staff(s). We can't help it sometimes. So if you want to help us out, you have to be dedicated - that means no taking the job and then failing to produce anything! We do NOT accept lame excuses! (sorry, but we've heard them all)

Anyways, Binetsu Shoujo Ch 10 is finally released and available to download.

That leaves us a grand total of 6 releases today ... 13 if you count all chapters of Zig X Zag ;) Have a good day, ya'll

08.12.03 - Kare First Love Ch 15 and Count Down! Ch 5 is released in IRC only.

Note that there will be no regular updates for the next month or so. I am going on 3 trips between now and 30th Jan '04. One with friends, one with family, and another by myself. There will be some random releases, if I can find the time between trips to update.

Staff: Don't think you can slack off while I'm away ;) I'll be leaving lots of work for you guys, and I'll be hopping online now and then to check on yous :D

04.12.03 - Yay~ Another update! Akuma de Sourou Ch 13 and Othello Ch 6 is available to download! And yes, you can actually download them from the site! Go to downloads to find. Just please please please do not abuse bandwidth, or I'll take them down right away!

30.11.03 - Not a real update. Just letting you guys know that Kare FL Ch 14 and Othello Ch 5A & 5B is available to download for a temporary time at the download section. The older temp downloads will be taken down tomorrow.

20.11.03 - Those who are a member of our Y!group should know that I'm deciding to buy a domain for my manga sites. Even though Hush is not going to be the main site, it will be the biggest sub-domain. Unfortunately, I don't have a bank account, or a credit card (still too young), so I have to ask for your help to get me started. If you can spare a dollar or two, please click here to donate and keep this site running. Thank you very much for your help.

A double release today. Othello Ch 5B and Kare First Love Ch 14 is available at IRC. I suggest to those who don't know how to use irc to LEARN how to find your way to our channel at least.

18.11.03 - Othello Ch 5 part A is released in IRC. It's a special half-chapter release to bid one of our main editors, Kaze, farewell. We love you and we'll miss you.